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Etna the higher active volcano of Europe

Etna it’s a big vulcanic cone which rises at 3.300 metres up the sea level, it has a base diameter of 45 km and his lava, in 500.000 years, had cover up a surface of 1250 kmq.

Actually, in the upper zone, four different craters are open with an persistent activity, because of the continue emission of gas, steam and ash, which sometimes become a Strombolian-type activity with intermittent throw of shreds of magma at considerable heights.

The climb of the Etna is one of that experience which leave you satisfied, it’s a special adventure with wonderful landscapes, an experience to tell to your friend once you came back from your holiday with wonderful photos. You can get to the summit craters or explore areas at lower altitudes such as wild craters, whatever your idea of a trip to Etna here is an essential guide to excursions between shelters, craters, peaks and fumaroles.

If you want to go up to 3300 metres you need an alpine guide: it’s a rule made just for a necessary precaution. The Etna it’s still an active volcano which can make bad jokes, be alone near active craters expose you to flying rocks, soft ground and many other dangers, you have to know where is possible to walk in relative safety and where it is better not to venture. The alpine guide which accompany the turist, usually project day by day and hour for hour their itinerary based on the activities of the volcano.

There are many associations which organise exursions. The climb of the Etna it’s surely an unmissable experience and it’s worth doing it!


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